Steven with his daughter Allison in Phoenix in 1997

Steven Blonder (whose Hebrew name is Yehoshua Anshil) was not only a key witness of the March 13, 1997 Phoenix Lights event that has become the most documented UFO Sighting in history, he had been filming the Lights since March 10th and had invited investigators to his house the night of the major sighting.  Bill Hamilton, field investigator for MUFON arrived with filmographer Tom King just after having had dinner with Dr. Steven Greer from the Disclosure Project. Hamilton and King were present on Blonder's balcony when at least 5 Lights appeared in the sky after an earlier light had sent them for their equipment.

Up until this point, Blonder was a skeptic concerning UFOs and really hadn't much interest in whether they existed or not.  He was much more focused on raising his family and working as a technology marketing manager for one of the largest global companies.  He was quite nervous that his 15 minutes of fame might jeopardize his career with a company known for its conservatism. Still, Blonder participated in several documentaries and shows that were produced about the event and have aired on the Discovery, History and National Geographic Channels among others.

A few months after the event, Steven moved his family to the Dallas/Fort Worth area where he took a new job as a Management Supervisor for a large Advertising Agency.  Several years went by until the 10th Anniversary of the Phoenix Lights triggered something in him.  A new found diversion into the Jewish Mystical Tradition of Kabbalah began to lead Blonder into revisting the Phoenix Lights which had never really felt closed.  Of course there were official explanations of the Sighting provided by the government concerning supposed flare drops nearby, but those explanations never addressed the previous night sightings Steven had recorded and was witnessed by family and neighbors.  These sightings were left open - even though the color and apprearance of the Lights on March 13th were consistent with the Lights seen earlier.

In 2007, Blonder began writing a book about Kabbalah and found himself inserting material about the Phoenix Lights as if being led to consider explanations of the event that were like meditations or contemplations that were infused with an abundance of spiritual, religious and mythological content.  The book developed as he looked at the entire Sighting as some kind of mandala to come up with his own answers of what the Lights may mean in the context of our seemingly transitional times.

Esoteric studies were not new to the author.  He had studied metaphysics, astrology and other types of traditions in his 20s when he lived in his hometown of Los Angeles.  He was always a seeker but he was just as passionate in his more mundane pursuits. 

Today, he is back working for that large technology company while he balances his other interests which include writing, Kabbalah and meditation. In 2015, Oracle of the Phoenix received an award for best spiritual book from The Indie Spiritual Book Awards committee in its category. He has also begun an Astrology Practice which incorporates many different approaches to helping clients become empowered and better connected with their expansive selves. Feel free to reach out for more information by clicking on the Contact button

Of course data and analysis are also passions of his and led to him putting together a working team of investigators over the past several years to reconstruct the Triangulation Report Dr. Bruce Maccabee had published in 1998.  Dr. Maccabee's report never included a full analysis of Blonder's relationship to the other 3 witness locations nor any detail about the many minutes of film he recorded over the days that preceeded the March 13, 1997 Sighting.  In fact, Blonder had more film of what transpired that week than any other witness and he was located the closest to where the Lights were appearing in the sky.  He was the only one with the foresight to make sure investigators were present and waiting for the Lights to appear on March 13 as they had each night previously since March 10.  Blonder also is the only witness to catch the early evening's Vee formation on film which many believe was the "true" UFO Sighting that evening.  There continues to be much controversy around the 10:00PM Sighting that was also filmed from Blonder's home by Tom King who was present with Bill Hamilton of MUFON.  Some Vee witnesses (who did not record the object) believe that the 10:00pm event was a deliberate diversion instigated by the authorities to take attention off of the earlier Sighting that was witnessed traveling from Henderson, NV to Tucson, AZ around the 8:30 time frame. 

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Blonder has worked tirelessly over the past few years to put Dr. Maccabee's coordinates into Google Earth to map the three positions he reported on and then went about the detailed task of matching day/night composite shots taken from his home to plot the most conservative placement of the Lights as possible to compare with the other three triangulated positions.  He has now published the work and Dr. Maccabee has recently re-plotted 2 of the 3 witness locations and factored the 3rd witnesses position entirely out of the triangulation.  Blonder's position still awaits "expert" confirmation.  He doesn't expect to receive it because the implications of such a confirmation would have tremendous implications in that it would seriously undermine the "official" explanations of flares being dropped in one single location over a miltary range many miles away.

This is why all the findings are made available so anyone can reconstruct their own composites and coordinates by just using the raw data Blonder has put up on the site.  While it's not a particularly easy task to be an armchair Ufologist, it does speak to Blonder's work as a labor of love and not a commercial enterprise to just make money from writing a book.  In fact, he's made the e-book available at no cost on this site (see book link).