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“Oracle of the Phoenix” by Steven Blonder

This is not your usual book.  This one is about an encounter in Phoenix involving a major UFO sighting witnessed by many people over a period of days. One of those witnesses was Steven Blonder. The event clearly changed his life. He spent a great deal of time and depth study trying to make sense of this unprecedented, reality-changing event.

Eventually he was able, through a profound scholarly effort, to discover sacred geometry at work in the skies connected to the event.  He also found connections to many of the world’s major spiritual traditions including Hopi prophecy, alchemy, Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism. Clearly something or someone was communicating with us those nights in Phoenix, and Steven Blonder was the appointed one who figured it out – or as much as could be understood. It would not let go of him until he did. This is how mysticism often operates – with a pressing sense of the urgency of bringing a message to mankind.

Steven Blonder did just that. He brought the message. We are not alone, something profound out there is communicating with us, trying to get our attention, and yet ultimately the mystery is deep, and it persists.

The book is well researched, well written, and will touch your soul if you let it. This is a highly recommended read for spiritual seekers and skeptics alike.

"Dear Mr. Blonder - Your book finally arrived, thank you, and I have read it cover to cover. I am impressed with your devotion and commitment to both depth and detail in your project and I believe you have found your myth, in Jung's sense.  I learned much from your book, e.g. Hopi-Hebrew connection, and also to treasure the Tree of Life and Kabbalah, included in my own ecumenical myth. Congratulations on a work well done! With your permission, I will pass on your book to UCLA (where I am donating my books and have an archive in my name) for others to enjoy." - J. Marvin Spiegelman, Director of Studies of Jungian Analysts of Southern California

"This text assembles the various spiritual interpretations of an historic event into a fluid, cohesive paradigm. Many perspectives are woven into a beautiful portrait of our potential for personal evolution. By referencing non-cannonical esoteric texts Blonder points out the underlying unanimity of widely differing spiritual perspectives. The book is like contemplating the potential meanings of the lights in the sky with a wise elder.

The Phoenix Lights what could they mean? If they were a sign what might they indicate? These are compelling and rewarding questions that 'The Oracle' discusses in depth. The figures, the location, the timing, the symbols, the star patterns in the sky that night...all these elements `suggest' some meaning. Perhaps by appearing in the land of the Hopi the lights indicate the unfolding of traditional prophecy. Could the number of the lights suggest the opening of new chakras, the evolution of a healing age? Blonder delights in drawing together the diverse interpretive possibilities for which we can be grateful.

Combined the numerous prophecies and associations suggest a message of hope, of humanism, and of the unfolding of higher consciousness. For which we can be grateful."

- Maureen Quinn

“Oracle of the Phoenix offers the reader a unique spiritual perspective that speculates on the meaning of the most famous UFO sighting in America history.”

- Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.,  Author of “The Phoenix Lights...A Skeptic’s Discovery That We Are Not Alone”, and  Executive Producer of The Phoenix Lights Project ,

“If you think the Kabbalah, crop circles, Hopi prophecies, and the Phoenix Lights have nothing in common, think again. As an eyewitness to the most important UFO event in decades, Steven Blonder takes us on a very personal journey to the heart of Gnosis and the mysteries of the Arizona desert. Combining extensive knowledge of esoteric lore with contemporary data of ufology, "Oracle of the Phoenix" has profound implications for us now on the verge of what the Hopi call the Fifth World.”

- Gary A. David, author of “The Orion Zone” and “Eye of the Phoenix”

“Your book is phenomenal. I lost sleep to finish reading it, which is quite a commodity when you have five children, including an infant.”

- Xia Neifion-Clark, Author of  The New Culture of Ouranos