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More praise for Steven Blonder:

        “Oracle of the Phoenix offers the reader a unique spiritual
        perspective that speculates on the meaning of the most
        famous UFO sighting in America history.”

                                          - Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., Author of “The
                                          Phoenix Lights...A Skeptic’s Discovery
                                          That We Are Not Alone”

        “This text assembles the various spiritual interpretations
        of an historic event into a fluid, cohesive paradigm.
        Many perspectives are woven into a beautiful portrait
        of our potential for personal evolution. By referencing
        non-cannonical esoteric texts Blonder points out the
        underlying unanimity of widely differing spiritual
        perspectives. The book is like contemplating the potential
        meanings of the lights in the sky with a wise elder.

        The Phoenix Lights what could they mean? If they were
        a sign what might they indicate? These are compelling
        and rewarding questions that ‘The Oracle’ discusses in
        depth. The figures, the location, the timing, the symbols,
        the star patterns in the sky that night...all these elements
        `suggest’ some meaning. Perhaps by appearing in the
        land of the Hopi the lights indicate the unfolding of
        traditional prophecy. Could the number of the lights
        suggest the opening of new chakras, the evolution of a
        healing age? Blonder delights in drawing together the
        diverse interpretive possibilities for which we can be

        Combined the numerous prophecies and associations
        suggest a message of hope, of humanism, and of the
        unfolding of higher consciousness.

                                                           - Maureen Quinn
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